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Zebra Plant (Aphelandra Squarrosa)

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Styled in Frankie Planter

Native to Brazil the Aphelandra Zebra Plant is a popular indoor plant. A stunning looking Evergreen with its feature being the stripy leaves resembling a Zebra (hence the name).

The Aphelandra squarrosa Zebra Plant will develop yellow flower bracts in the summer months. Great for creating a tropical feel in your home or place of work, displayed in a decorative pot.

Plant Group

Size (Can grow to)
Large 50cm - 1 meter if in the right spot

Growth Habit
Upright, Shrub

Bright and well-lit position with indirect sunlight is best

Medium. Keep moist during summer but allow the potting mix or soil to dry out between waterings. They love a mist here and there to keep up the humidity