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Zebra Plant (Aphelandra)

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This zebra plant is known for its large, shiny leaves and dark green foliage deeply veined in white or yellow, reminiscent of zebra stripes, hence the common name. Their brightly coloured flowers make for a prized display.

The Zebra plant is a striking plant which will brighten up any room in the house or office. Aphelandra has low water requirements. Only water once the soil drys out. Best grown in free-draining soil.

Pet Safe
Zebra plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs

Botanical Name

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height: 50-60cm
Max Width: 30-40cm

Growth Habit
Upright, Shrub

Bright and well-lit position with indirect sunlight is best

Medium. Keep moist during summer but allow the potting mix or soil to dry out between waterings. They love a mist here and there to keep up the humidity