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Xanthosoma Angel Wings (Xanthosoma Lindenii Magnificum)

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Belonging to the Araceae family, Xanthosoma are a group of plants very similar to Alocasia and Colocasia and produce large, dramatic leaves. The Lindenii Magnificum produces arrowhead-shaped foliage with striking veins. they bring an element of the tropics to any home, garden or place of work.

The Xanthosoma Lindenii Magnificum is a perennial tropical plant. Their leaves can grow up to about a metre long. This plant works well in pots and can thrive both inside and out. They also work beautifully as an accent plant next to a bright window in lounge rooms, or strike a great impression on a shaded porch. 

Botanical Name

Xanthosoma  Lindenii Magnificum


Height up to 1m and Spread between 45cm and 90cm


Xanthosoma can reach up to 1 metre in total or more in the right conditions. It prefers bright, filtered light as opposed to harsh direct, afternoon sun. The leaves like to be misted during dry periods, especially when air conditioning is being use


Keep dryer in winter and moist in warmer months