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Venus flytrap (Dionaea)

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The Venus Fly Trap is great novelty items for kids young and old, with this sturdy indoor plant feasting on plants and other insects. Highly educational, the Venus Fly Trap will teach your children about biology and gardening, making the Venus Fly Trap simply Mother Nature at its best. 

Low-growing slow-growing carnivorous plant native to a tiny area of subtropical Carolina wetlands. It grows in a rosette of unique adapted stems shaped like eyes with eyelashes, each can trap and digest ants, spiders, and beetles. "Muscipula" means mousetrap, but that's probably too big a snack for this plant.

Plant Group/Botanical Name


Size (Can grow to)

15cm H x 20cm W.

Growth Habit

Vertical, Bushy


Indoors in bright light, or try outside in a marshy area of frost-free garden. Thrives in a full 12 hours of daylight but can stay alive with a minimum of 4 hours.


Keep damp at all times with distilled water or rainwater. Don't poke the traps too much as this can fatally weaken the plant. Plants benefit from a winter rest of cooler (frost-free) temperatures.