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Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata Tip cutting - ONE ONLY

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Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata is a very rare and highly sought after variety of Monstera. It produces attractive white variegated leaves. It is a somewhat smaller, more manageable variety than the standard Monstera Deliciosa, and is highly recommended for indoor growing. 

As an impressive houseplant, it has a spreading/climbing habit, is easy-to-grow and generally low maintenance plant. 

For sale is a three-leaf growing tip cutting with one split leaf and long aerial root.  

  • Please note these will only be sold as an unrooted cutting with, not an established plant.
  • Interior Jungle does not guarantee success with propagation. We will provide you with the best tips to propagate the cutting   
  • The cutting will be cut and prepared upon purchase. 
  • The cutting will be posted bare-rooted in sphagnum moss via express post.
Botanical Name


Size (Can grow to)

Extra Large 1mtr+ with the right support (such as a totem)

Growth Habit

Upright, Tree like


Bright Light. A partially shaded position under trees outside, or in bright indirect light indoors.  Leaves with a lot of variegation need protection from sunlight


Low/Medium. Keep moist during summer but allow the potting mix or soil to dry out between waterings.  A humidifier is highly recommend