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Helix Ivy 'Camouflage' hanging basket

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The Hedera helix 'Variegata' is native to Europe and commonly called Pittsburgh Ivy, English Ivy or just Ivy. This evergreen vine or ground cover has small to medium ivy or lobed shaped variegated leaves with a heart-shaped base. It attaches itself by aerial rootlets to walls and other surfaces such as rockeries or trees. The Pittsburgh Ivy is easy to grow, hardy and versatile and can be used an an indoor or outdoor plant

Plant Group
Hedra Helix Camouflage

Common Names
This plant has a multitude of common names, Pittsburgh Ivy, English Ivy or just Ivy.

Size (Can grow to)
Extra Large 1mtr + Long

Growth Habit
Trailing/Vining. Because of the Pittsburgh Ivy's climbing and vining habits, they look great in a hanging basket, green-wall or trailing down a feature wall.

Bright Light

Low/Medium. Allow the topsoil dry between waterings.