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Variegated Chain of Heart (Ceropegia woodii Variegata)

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This beautiful trailing succulent resembles little love hearts. The Variegated Chain of Hearts is popular for its heart-shaped leaves in shades of pink, cream and lime.

The colours will change with the seasons and the intensity of light.

They are easy to grow and propagate house plants. As a ground-cover species, they can grow up to two metres long when mature. A hanging pot is their absolute favourite home! The stunning beauty of chain of heart is shown when they cascade down the edge of a shelf, bookcase or ledge. They require a well-lit spot when grown indoor and allow to dry out between watering. Fertilise during growing seasons.

Please note

Variegation will differ from plant to plant and we cannot guarantee that every plant have complete Variegation. 

Pet Friendly 

Yes, these are non-toxic to cats and dogs

Botanical Name

Ceropegia woodii Variegata

Size (Can grow to)

The ‘chains’ can reach 3-4m long and the heart shaped leaves, which can include shades of green, purple, red and cream, are just so sweet!


Indoors, in a well lit spot away from direct sunlight. Grow indoors or in a warm protected spot outdoors


Medium. During warm seasons allow potting mix to dry out in between waterings. During cooler months, watering can be reduced.