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Tradescantia Variegated Purple Heart (Tradescantia Pallida Variegata)

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Tradescantia Variegated Purple Heart (Tradescantia Pallida Variegata) is native to Belize, Guatemala, and Southern Mexico. It produces pointed fleshy, purple leaves with a dark purple underside and pink variegation. Your Tradescantia will develop pups around the base giving it a full look. You can cut out the main cone and allow the pups to grow. Add in some slow-release fertilizer to keep them growing and looking lush.

Botanical Name / family
Tradescantia Pallida Variegata

Common Names:
Depending on where you come from it may be known as Moses in the Cradle, Oyster Plant or Boat Lily.

Size (Can grow to)
Medium 60-90cm

Growth Habit

They grow well in a warm position but also tolerate cooler temperatures. They have great uses including offices, homes, and patios. In warmer climates, they are used in protected areas in gardens.

Low/Medium. They require low to moderate water. A liquid feed every couple of months will help keep them looking exceptional with shiny leaves.