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The Blue Torch (Myrtillocactus geometrizans)

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The Blue Torch (Myrtillocactus geometrizans) is a blue grey candelabra like cactus of western Mexico bearing a small sweet, edible berrylike fruit. Small flowers will form when mature. 

Pet Friendly 

While most cacti plants aren't poisonous to your pet, the chemical composition of the cacti sap can cause gastrointestinal ailments to your little friends. Plant has spines; use extreme caution when handling.

Botanical Name 

Espostoa Melanostele

Common Names include:

Old Lady Cactus

Size (Can grow to)

Slow growing with plants eventually reaching 1.5m tall in 20 years. Older plants will form one to two offsets from base over time. 


Full sun or partially shaded. Best under protected partially shaded positions outdoors. Indoors only in sunny  positions otherwise they will lose their nice shape and become or open in growth. Frost tolerant.


Low. Requires good draining succulent soil. Can be watered all year long, however if kept indoors allow soil to completely dry out between watering. When fertilising, it is recommended that 25% of the suggested dosage  is used during growing months (spring and summer).