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Support Pellet Value Pack - 1.25kg

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Up your repotting game, or boost your existing plant pots and planters with the best value way to buy Support Pellets. With enough pellets for 40-100 plants, the recyclable pouch means that you can tear, scoop and watch your plants grow stronger and more resilient.

We the Wild Products are:

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Made by worms
  • 200+ active microbes
  • Certified for organic production

18+ organic inputs are diverted from landfill, lovingly processed by Australian worms and slowly preserved to capture all that goodness! All products are certified by NASAA Organic (5544M). The 200+ microbe strains slowly release into soil and help the results to absorb all the goodness from the soil. It's packed with Mycorrhizal Fungi, that acts as the plants ‘messenger'. It means your plant builds a symbiotic relationship with the soil. NPK: 4:3:2

The science
200+ microbe strains slowly release into soil and attach to roots. This allows nutrients to be more readily absorbed by roots! Packed with Mycorrhizal Fungi. This acts as the plants ‘messenger’, to collect everything a plant needs from the soil. NPK: 4:3:2

How to use
  • For repotting:
    Mix pellets liberally into the soil. You cannot overdose or burn your plant.
    Add a spoonful of pellets to the bottom of the hole.
    Place your plant on top of the pellets, so the roots touch them.
    Top up the pellets as below every 6-8 weeks.
    For existing plants:
    Sprinkle enough pellets to lightly cover the topsoil.
    Gently mix into the soil.
    Water in using diluted Grow Concentrate.
    Your pellets will turn white as they activate, you can push them into the soil if you don't like the look!
    Repeat every 6-8 weeks.