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String of Dolphins or Dolphin Necklace

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Small Plants Styled in Coco Planter

The String of Dolphins gets its name from its dolphin shaped leaves that look like they are jumping out of the water. The dolphin shaped leaves is an adaption to its natural arid environment and allow for storage of water while exposing a minimum amount of surface area to the dry desert air.

Plant Group

Size (Can grow to)
Medium 20-50cm Long

Growth Habit
Trailing/Vining. The String of Dolphins looks great in hanging baskets or any situation that allows its leaves to cascade over.

Bright Light. The String of Dolphins can be grown indoors and outdoors. This plant grows well in bright light and some direct sunlight. When the plant is dormant it does prefer a little cooler condition. 

Low. Like most succulents the String of Dolphins requires little water due to the ability to store water in its leaves, making it a low maintenance plant.