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String of Bananas (Senecio Radicans)

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This trailing succulent is a cousin of string of pearls. Its chunky, banana-like foliage makes them much less vulnerable. They are easy to grow and propagate house plants. As a ground-cover species, they can grow up to two metres long when mature.

A hanging pot is their absolute favourite home! The stunning beauty of string of beans is shown when they cascade down the edge of a shelf, bookcase or ledge. They require a well-lit spot when grown indoor and allow to dry out between watering. Fertilise during growing seasons.

This item is susceptible to rotting during transit. We strongly recommend Express Post or Local Delivery. 

Pet Friendly 

These plants are mildly toxic to people and most pets including cats and dogs. Although the problems caused by ingesting the plant or getting sap on the skin are likely to be minor, care should still be taken to keep them away from curious pets or children especially as the unusual shape of the leaves can be inviting.

Botanical Name

Senecio Radicans

Size (Can grow to)

Fast growing, trailing succulent with long, narrow, bean-like foliage that grows on brightly coloured stems. It will grow up to 5 cm in height, before trailing downwards.

Growth Habit



Bright, indirect light, early morning sun will give a healthy amount of sun stress to keep those brilliant colours.


Medium - Allow soil to dry out between watering to avoid root rot. Use a well-draining soil mix. Heavy, wet soil will lead to root rot.