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Callisia Repens Pink Panther

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Callisia Repens Pink Panther is a stunning tropical plant known for the unique patterns and bright pink variegated leaves.  This plant is related to the Tradescantia and is sometimes known as the mini Tricolour due to the similar leaf colouring. To care for these plants, keep their soil moist by gently watering a couple times a week. These plants need to be kept in a bright-light location inside, out of direct sunlight. During warmer months, they can thrive outside as well, just out of direct sunlight.

Botanical Name

Callisia Repens Pink 

Size (Can grow to)

Medium 20-50cm long once mature 

Growth Habit



Partial Shade. Position in bright indirect sunlight. The more sunlight your plant receives the pinker the foliage will be. Pinch the growing tips to encourage a compact and fuller growth.


Medium/High. Callisia Repens prefers moist soil so water regularly.