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Philodendron Rudolph (Philodendron Pedatum)

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Styled in Benny Planter 30cm

Philodendron Pedatum originates from Brazil, Columbia and Peru. This interesting, tropical species belongs to the plant family of epiphytes. Epiphytic plants can thrive and grow without soil on the surface of a plant. It is a resilient, easy-to-care climbing philodendron that adapts to various growing conditions, perfect for beginner or plant collectors. 

Pedatum has distinct features: large green multi-lobed foliage and green stems. The juvenile leaves are solid oval shapes and it produces lobed leaves as the plant matures. To encourage the maturity of its leaves, provide a totem for the philodendron to climb on and ensure high humidity and fulfil watering requirements.

Plant Group

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height: 1m Max Spread 1m

Growth Habit
Upright, Broad

Medium Light - well-lit areas with bright indirect light. Keep warm. 

Medium - Water well in well-draining soil.