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Philodendron Lynette (Philodendron Campii)

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A hardy and robust growing Philodendron with thick, glossy green leaves with a compact clumping habit. An ideal low maintenance, under-storey plant and perfect for your indoor space.

Its large dark green leaves help to add a dramatic look to a space. It will help greenify an empty corner, such as next to a lounge suite or entertainment unit. They work well under verandahs and undercover balconies as well.

Botanical Name

Philodendron Campii


In pots Max Height: 1.5m  Max Width: 1.5cm Max.

Once fully established. They can grow much larger in the garden - approximately 3m

Growth Habit

Upright, clumping, Broad


Medium Light. Needs a warm frost-free position, avoid direct hot sunlight. 


Medium - Water well in well-draining soil.