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Philodendron Black Cardinal

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Styled in Knightly Moon Pots (Large)

Philodendron Black Cardinal is a spectacular ornamental plant with big glossy leaves which start off bronze and gradually deepen to very dark chocolate. Usually stays compact. A hardy, low maintenance variety that has strikingly large, glossy foliage.

Makes a lovely addition to an outdoor shaded area creating a lush tropical feel or add to a decorative pot and grow indoors. Very little care required once established. Clean the large leaves with a damp cloth.

Plant Group

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height: 1m Max Width: 50cm Max Once fully established

Growth Habit
Upright, Broad

Medium Light. Needs a warm frost-free position, avoid direct hot sunlight. 

Medium - Water well in well-draining soil.  

Please note* Plant away from areas where children and pets play as the leaves contain a poisonous substance. Avoid contact with skin.