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String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata)

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The Peperomia prostrata is native to Central and South America. Commonly called String of Turtles. The String of Turtles has tiny green circular domed leaves that resemble a turtle shell, (hence the common name) that grow along the long stems. The String of Turtles grows well in the bright indirect light.

Position your plant in an east or west facing window with room for the plant to cascade down. They will even grow under fluorescent lights which also makes them great for offices or apartments too. Insufficient light will cause the growth to slow and direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

They don't' need a lot of water, allow the top 50% of soil to dry before you water, as they can store water in the thick leaves.

Botanical name

Peperomia prostrata

Size (Can grow to)

Medium 20cm-50cm long

Growth Habit

Trailing/Vining. Growth is fairly slow, particularly when they’re young. To encourage a bushier plant, take a string and place it on top of the soil, ensuring the nodes (where the leaf grows from the stem) are in contact with soil


Medium indirect light. It's important for light to hit the top of the soil, as new growth often starts at the top. 


Low and sparingly! They don’t like too much water; those turtles can turn into mushy peas very easily.