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Peperomia Rosso

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Peperomia Rosso is a great little plant! It has deep green leaves with brilliant red jewel toned undersides. Peperomia are great truly succulent lower light house plants. We love to use them in mixed combinations with other lower light plants. 

You may hear ‘rosso peperomia’ called by the common names: Emerald Ripple Pepper, Radiator Plant

Pet Friendly 

Non-toxic for both dogs and cats

Botanical Name

Peperomia Rosso

Size (Can grow to)

The leaves themselves are 2.5-3.5cm long.The flowers are greenish white, very skinny and grow 6.5-7.5cm long 


Well-lit position indoors away from direct sunlight. Lower light house plant. Happy anywhere from low to bright light, avoid direct sun.


Medium. Water when dry. Drought tolerant. Do not over-water.