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Peperomia Pepperspot

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Peperomia are perfect if you're looking for a compact houseplant that's not too demanding.

Peperomia Pepperspot produces dark green, oval leaves with a deep red stem. The thick, round leaves has great resemblance to many other succulents. This diminutive plant is perfect for a smaller pot or a mixed planter and work well has a hanging or trailing plant. Peperomia varieties are tolerant to lower light conditions and are pet safe. We love to use them in mixed combinations of lower light plants!

Pet Friendly 

Yes, peperomia varieties are non-toxic to pets

Plant Group

Peperomia Glabella (Red Stem)

Size (Can grow to)

Max Height 50cm. Max Spread 50cm


Medium to bright indirect light but can tolerate low, indirect light. Not suited for intense, direct sun.


Medium. Requires good draining soil.