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Peperomia Incan Doll (P. albovittata)

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Styled in Terri Planter with Saucer

This Peperomia variety is a popular and unique. The Peperomia incan plant has unique several nicknames that make it stand out, such as "Felted Peperomia" and "Amazon Fuzz". The heart-shaped leaves are covered in white fuzzy hairs. This is where the unique nicknames come from. These white hairs protect them from sun damage - isn't that amazing! These hairs give the plant great texture in which it’s famous for.

Peperomia are slow growing tropical annuals and perennials that are easy to care for under average room or conservatory conditions. They have striking foliage with red stems. 'Peppermill' has 'milk and dark chocolate' brown variegated almost velvety leaves

Pet Friendly 
Yes, peperomia varieties are non-toxic to pets 

Botanical Name / Common Names
Peperomia Incan Doll (P. albovittata) / Felted Peperomia / Amazon Fuzz

Size (Can grow to)
Small 10-25cm

Growth Habit

Peperomia Incan Doll grows well in bright indirect light. Position your plant in a bright room in a shaded position. Insufficient light will cause the growing to slow and direct sunlight will burn the leaves. 

Low/Medium. They don't need a lot of water, allow the top layer of soil to dry before you water. Overwatering can lead to root rot and under-watering will cause your plant to wilt.