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'Trailing Jade' (Peperomia Hope)

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This rarer peperomia variety is a must have! Unlike other Peperomia plants, Peperomia Hope grows in a trailing habit, earning it the nickname “Trailing Jade.” It’s a fairly easy plant to grow. They showcase coin shaped thick foliage that grow on a long trailing vine, bright green in colour with faint light green stripes. Peperomia Hope will not flower, but its attractive foliage makes up for the lack of flowers.

The Peperomia Hope has the best of both parents; Peperomia deppeana and Peperomia quadrifolia are low-growing trailing epiphytes with miniature green round leaves on dainty stems. Peperomia Hope is a slow grower, so be patient with this one!

Pet Friendly 

Yes, peperomia varieties are non-toxic to pets

Botanical Name

Peperomia Hope

Size (Can grow to)

Max Height 50cm. Max Spread 50cm (trailing)


Well-lit to low-light position indoors away from direct sunlight. 


Medium. Requires good draining soil. Water approx. once per week.