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Peperomia Angulata Rocca Verde

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Peperomia Angulata Rocca Verde is a popular pet-friendly indoor plant. It has narrow, green leaves with striking pale green stripes. Its produces creeping long stems, perfect as a trailing plant in a hanging planter or left to creep off a shelf. 

P. Angulata Rocca Verde thrives in bright indirect light and moderate watering. It is resilient just as most Peperomia varieties, making an easy, low-maintenance beginner plant.

Pet Friendly 
Yes, peperomia varieties are non-toxic to pets

Plant Group
Peperomia Angulata Rocca Verde

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height 50cm. Max Spread 50cm

Well-lit to low-light position indoors away from direct sunlight.

Medium. Requires good draining soil.