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Parlour Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

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A popular indoor palm that is sure to please. Parlour Palm are native to the rainforests of Southern Mexico central eastern coast. It’s a cold-hardy, fast-growing and relatively low-maintenance plant. It produces dark green, soft, fern like fronds with thin leaflets. During warmer months, Parlour Palm produces tiny, yellow flowers to add to its attraction.

The Parlour Palm can grow over 2m tall if potted outdoors. Due to its high tolerance to low light and humidity conditions, the Parlour Palm can adapt to various indoor growing environment, such as, dark corners, hall way and bathrooms.

Botanical Name

Chamaedorea Elegans

Size (Can grow to)

Large up to 2 meter tall when mature. A Parlour Palm will grow to the size of its container, so if you want it to continue to grow, pot it up in a slightly bigger pot. 

Growth Habit



Bright Light. Parlour Palms are easy to care for, as they tolerate bright and low light conditions, with little water. They are suitable for office situations or apartment living where they may receive a bit of neglect.


Low to Medium. Feed with a general fertiliser for indoor plants prior to the warmer months to maximise growth. Fast draining soil is best as they don't like sitting in water.