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Oxalis Triangularis (False Shamrock)

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Medium Styled in Bindi Planter

The striking purple leaves stand out amongst green indoor plants and it’s also photophilic, which mean that the leaves open and close in response to light. At night the leaves fold down and during the day they will open up.

Oxalis Triangularis is fairly low maintenance. Oxalis is a genus of the wood sorrel family and is well known for being an invasive weed in most gardens. However, there are some varieties of Oxalis that are perfectly well behaved and don’t spread all over the places, such as the Oxalis Triangularis. Oxalis is often referred to as a purple shamrock or false shamrock. Its history can be traced back to St Patrick in Ireland, even though the plant originated in Brazil.

Please Note: These plants are very fragile. If you require interstate shipping there is risk that some of leaves may not survive transit. The plant will be fine! They grow from bulbs and will regenerate fresh new leaves in no time. We're also very meticulous in how we pack our plants, minimising the risk of leaves being lost. 

Plant Group / Botanical Name 
Oxalidaceae / Oxalis Triangularis

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height 50cm. Max Spread 50cm

Keep your Oxalis Triangularis in a filtered bright to medium light but away from direct light. It grows well in morning light. It is fairly hard to burn since Oxalis grows outdoors, the glass in your windows will filter out a lot of the intensity of the light, however it will grow best when it’s away from direct sunlight. 

Allow the soil to dry between watering, ensure the top 2cm of soil is dry before watering. The worst thing you can do with bulbs is overwater as it will rot the bulb. Expect to water about once every 2 weeks.