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Monstera Tripod Planter

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Style your indoor plants with these elegant, modern planters. The Monstera Tripod Planter is premium, hand-made collection engraved with Monstera Deliciosa foliage. 

As a combination of clay and fiberglass, these planters are extremely light and durable. Each plant stand are supported by three sturdy wooden legs, ensuring high stability for indoor uses and adding height to your indoor plants.

Monstera Tripod Planter are available in Black and Whitewash styles, perfect to complement any colour palette. They are sold separately in three sizes and work well as a trio, duo or simply on their own!

Note: due to its hand finish, you may find slight imperfections, colour & surface variations; these are part of its unique characteristics & should not be considered flaws


Large – 37cm W x 56 cm H (best fits up to a 30cm Nursery Pot)

Medium – 30cm W x 47cm H (best fits up to a 22cm Nursery Pot)

Small – 24cm W x 35cm H (best fits up to a 18cm Nursery Pot)

  • Legs can be detached 
  • No drainage holes - simply place the pot plant inside the stands