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Mistletoe Cactus Hanging Basket (Rhipsalis Pilocarpa) Collection #24

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Mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis Pilocarpa) is a tropical cactus that grows in rainforests. This shrubby cactus is perfect for indoor-growers! Fast growing and easy to care for. 

Rhipsalis pilocarpa gets the nickname Hairy Stemmed Rhipsalis because it's long draping, narrow leaves are covered in tiny fine white hairs. This little guy is part of the cacti family and produces white scented flower at the end of the stems.

Try and replicate his natural environment which is to receive natural light through dense overhanging branches.

Pet Friendly 
Yes, all Rhipsalis varieties are non-toxic to pets

Botanical Name
Rhipsalis Pilocarpa

Size (Can grow to)
Stems can grow 10cm - 15cm in length. The plant can reach up to 40cm to 50cm long when fully established

Filtered sun to partial shade. Avoid cold frosts. 

Low. Typical water needs for a succulent, approx. once per week.