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Mistletoe Cactus (Rhipsalis Campos-Portoana) Collection #35

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Another epiphytic cactus with a mess of fine multi-branched stems that are lime green at the tips and darker at the base. Native to Eastern and South-Eastern Brazil, it looks great cascading over the edge of a shelf or a bench.

It originates from the jungles of South America where it grew mainly on trees. In the right location it will produce cute little flowers in spring followed by berries in summer. Its best physical feature by far though is its cascading green foliage.

Pet Friendly 

Yes, all Rhipsalis varieties are non-toxic to pets

Botanical Name

Rhipsalis Campos-Portoana

Size (Can grow to)

Stems can grow 10cm - 15cm in length. The plant can reach up to 40cm to 50cm long when fully established


Filtered sun to partial shade. Avoid cold frosts. 


Low. Typical water needs for a succulent, approx. once per week.