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Mercury Egg Planters

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Simplicity at its best! Enhance your space with the Mercury Egg Planters. They have a stylish, modern look to suit today’s urban environment.

These premium hand-made planters are made from a combination of clay and fiberglass making them extremely light and durable. Showcasing a textured modern pattern, these pots come in white and charcoal, and available in 5 sizes. They work well as a set or simply on their own!


  • Extra Extra Large – 55cm Wide x 43.5cm High (best fits up to a 42cm Nursery Pot)

  • Extra Large – 44cm Wide x 36cm High (best fits up to a 40cm Nursery Pot)

  • Large – 37cm Wide x 30cm High (best fits up to a 30cm Nursery Pot)

  • Medium – 30cm Wide x 24.5cm High (best fits up to a 25cm Nursery Pot)

  • Small –  24cm Wide x 19.5cm High (best fits up to a 18cm Nursery Pot)

These pots have drainage holes. If using as an indoor planter a plastic saucer for the inside of the pot is recommended. Pots sold separately. Plants sold Separately