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Mammillaria zeilmanniana

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Mammillaria zeilmanniana is one of the most beautiful Mammillaria. It is an exception from the general rule that red-flowered cactus of this genus do not bloom until they are several years old. It produces a profusion of deep carmine-red flowers while still quite young and small.

Pet Friendly 
Yes, while most cacti plants aren't poisonous to your pet, the chemical composition of the cacti sap can cause gastrointestinal ailments to your little friends. Plant has spines; use extreme caution when handling.

Botanical Name 
Mammillaria Species

Common Names include:

Size (Can grow to)
The young cactus is solitary but slowly forms a cluster of individual nearly globular stems, which are glossy green and usually about 6cm high and 5cm across. A four-year-old specimen is likely to fill a 10cm container.

Full sun or partially shaded. Best under protected partially shaded positions outdoors. Indoors only in sunny positions otherwise they will lose their nice shape in growth. Can be kept in small pots for many years.

Low. Requires good draining succulent soil. Mammillaria is a soft bodied cactus so care must be take to avid over watering.