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Lipstick Plant Black Pagoda (Aeschynanthus Longicaulis)

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Lipstick Vine is a new twist on an old favourite. The Black Pagoda produces striking mottled foliage and purple undersides with texture similar to a Hoya. The plant is well branched and spills beautifully over the sides of pots or hanging baskets. They make excellent house plants. The lipstick red flowers put on a spectacular show and open almost year round. It is known as the Lipstick Plant because the red flowers gradually emerge from mahogany calyxes.

Botanical Name / family

Aeschynanthus Longicaulis

Pet Friendly

Yes, Aeschynanthus are non-toxic to animals

Size (Can grow to)

Stems can reach 1m. Trim stems to keep the plant tight and bushy.

Growth Habit

Bushy/Trailing. They grow at a moderate to steady pace, pinch out the growing tips to encourage a bushy plant and encourage more blooms.


Bight/indirect light. Indoors they grow well in artificial light, or by a bright window – if there is not enough light you will know because they won’t set flower. In too much light the foliage will scorch.


Low/Medium. They require low to moderate water. A liquid feed every couple of months will help keep them looking exceptional with shiny leaves. They are epiphytes so drainage is very important.