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Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana)

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Styled in Diamond Tripod Stand (Large Grey)

Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana) is a vigorous and versatile plant that can style well both indoor and outdoor. Native to the South Pacific, Kentia Palm is a slow-growing, hardy palm that produces graceful, dark green foliage. It gives out a sense of freshness and originality - a superbly elegant plant. 

Kentia palms can grow to a height of about  9 meters tall when grown outdoors and produce offsets around the trunks. These palms grow naturally in warm climates near streams and freshwater sources, so they need more moisture both in soil and in the environment than other palm species. When grown indoors, regular misting helps to prevent browning on the tips of the foliage. 

Botanical Name
Dypsis Lutescens

Size (Can grow to)
Large up to 2-3 meters tall when grown indoors; 9 metres when grown outdoors. 

Growth Habit
Tree like / Bushy 

Bright Light. Kentia Palms are easy to care for, as they tolerate bright and medium light conditions. They are suitable for office situations or apartment living where they may receive a bit of neglect. Regular misting will help to hydrate the foliage and prevent dryness in the leaves

Medium. Feed with a general fertiliser for indoor plants prior to the warmer months to maximize growth. Keep moist in well draining soil is best as they don't like sitting in water.