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Hoya Shepherdell Collection #54

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Hoya Shepherdell is a compact hoya with narrow and  closely spaced foliage up to 8cm long on cascasding stems. During the warm months, it grows flower clusters amongst the leaves.

As a flowering house plant, Hoya Shepherdell grows sweetly-fragrant, 1.2cm fragrant flowers in small clusters. Its fast growing nature makes it a perfect trailing plant for hanging baskets, ladder and bench top decorative piece.

Pet Friendly 

Yes, Hoya plants are non-toxic to animals and humans

Botanical Name

Hoya 'Shepherdell' 

Size (Can grow to)

Grows up to 24″ (61 cm) tall


Semi-tropical, must be undercover in frost areas or wintered indoors. 


Partial to heavy shade in a well-sheltered position. 


Keep dryer in winter and moist in warmer months.