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Hoya Obovata Variegata Collection #146

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Hoya Obovata Variegata is an elegant and highly sought after, rare Hoya variety. Its large, rounded and fleshy leaves with splashes of white variegation makes it the perfect statement piece for your space. Obovata produces dramatic, long tendrils that turns into leaves.

As a flowering house plant, Hoya Obovata grows sweetly-fragrant, 1cm flowers in a cluster of 10 to 20.

Pet Friendly 

Yes. Although the Hoyas are non-toxic to cats or dogs, they can still make them sick. Large consumption of Hoya leaves can make cats or dogs vomit.

Botanical Name

Hoya Obovata Variegata

Size (Can grow to)

Grows up to 24″ (61 cm) tall


Intermediate range, must be undercover in frost areas or wintered indoors. 


Shaded positions outdoors, flowers better under higher light. Will grow well indoors but will not flower. 


Keep dryer in winter and moist in warmer months.