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Variegated Hoya Kerri (Sweetheart Valentine Hoya)

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Variegated Hoya Kerri is your must have unicorn Hoya! This rarely found wax plant has large, heart-shaped leaves that grow along a thick stem. As the thick, variegated leaves are heart-shaped, the plant is sometimes named "lucky-heart". They are quite hard to find and are reasonably slower growing compared to other Hoya varieties. 

Native South China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and the Indonesian island of Java, this Hoya can produce upright umbels of creamy white, fuzzy flowers with a sweet fragrance. It is a perfect plant for a hanging basket in front of a sunny window!

Please note that the variegation (coloured zones of leaves) varies among individual plants. The plants for sale most likely will look different to the one in advertised photos. Most smaller plants will have some creamy variegation and may not have a fully variegated leaf. 

Pet Friendly 

Yes. Hoya’s are non toxic to humans or animals if ingested, so this is the perfect plant for pet owners!

Common Names

Variegated Hoya Kerri / lucky-heart / Sweetheart Plant / Valentine Hoya


Grows up to 24″ (60-65 cm) tall/long


Intermediate range, must be undercover in frost areas or wintered indoors. 


Medium to bright indirect light.


Medium. Thrives on high levels of humidity. Mist foliage daily. When potting medium is dry, submerge in container of water until air bubbles dissipate. Hoya’s like to be pot bound, they need to be repotted very seldom