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Hoya Carnosa 'Pink Flower' Collection #141

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Recently released form of carnosa from Thailand, The Hoya carnosa 'Pink Flower' is a gorgeous tropical climber that has big green leaves and clusters of waxy pink flowers that are shaped like little stars. This indoor houseplant is a favourite amongst collectors, indoor plant enthusiasts and the amateur green thumb. 

Hoya vines are absolutely stunning indoor plants. These unique plants are native to southern India and named after Thomas Hoym, the Duke of Northumberland’s gardener and the grower that brought attention to the Hoya. The Hoya climbing vine is easy to care for in most home situations provided they get plenty of indirect light and high humidity. These are long lived plants that prefer cramped growing conditions. With a little attention and knowledge on how to care for Hoya, these plants can be passed down from generation to generation.

Pet Friendly 

Hoya plants are not toxic to cats or dogs

Botanical Name

Hoya carnosa / Apocynaceae

Size (Can grow to)

5cm - 10cm tall, with a spread of up to 5cm


Well-lit position Indoors away from direct sunlight. These plants do like humidity so regular misting is ideal.


Medium. Sparing water, only when soil is dry.  Extremely well-draining soil required. Can use an orchid potting blend or a homemade blend with lots of perlite, pine bark and peat moss.