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Goldfish Plant (Columnea Variegata)

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Goldfish Plant (Columnea Variegata) is an unusual house plants. It produces bright orange flowers that resembles the shape of fish. Hence, it is named as Goldfish Plant. Growing up to 95cm, Columnea Variegata is perfect as a trailing plants on bench spaces, shelves or as a hanging basket. 

Botanical Name / family

Columnea Variegata

Pet Friendly

Yes, Aeschynanthus are non-toxic to animals

Size (Can grow to)

Stems can reach 95 cm. Trim stems to keep the plant tight and bushy.

Growth Habit

Bushy/Trailing. They grow at a moderate to steady pace, pinch out the growing tips to encourage a bushy plant and encourage more blooms.


Bight/indirect light. Indoors they grow well in artificial light, or by a bright window – if there is not enough light you will know because they won’t set flower. In too much light the foliage will scorch.


Low/Medium. They require low to moderate water. A liquid feed every couple of months will help keep them looking exceptional with shiny leaves. They are epiphytes so drainage is very important.