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Friendship Plant (Pilea Involucrata 'Norfolk')

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The Friendship Plant (Pilea Involucrata 'Norfolk') is a tropical, vigorous house plant. It produces soft, oval, quilted dark leaves with a striking silver stripe in the centre of the foliage. Fresh new growths from the Norfolk are slightly bronze. This Peruvian native has a low spreading growth habit. Keep it slightly moist and filtered light.

Pet Friendly 

Yes, Pilea varieties are pet safe 

Botanical Name

Pilea Involucrata

Size (Can grow to)

Max Height 20cm. Max Spread 50cm


Well-lit position Indoors away from direct sunlight. Tolerant of medium to low light, they perform best in bright indirect, the brighter the better.  An excellent plant for  large terrariums.


Medium. Requires good draining soil.