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European fan palm (Chamaerops humilis)

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The European fan palm is a very popular plant both for its stunning foliage and versatility. It can be used as both an indoor or outdoor plant. It is cold hardiness and toleration against wind, making them great patio or balcony option. Inside, they will need a well lit space with plenty of room - great for a corner space filler!

The European fan palm grows in multiple trunk clumps. Growing from the base sucklings, give this palm a shrubby look. Trunks are covered in leaf bases and brown fibres that can reach over 20cm in diameter if planted in the ground (growth will be stunted kept in a pot)

Botanical Name
Chamaerops humilis

Size (Can grow to)
Including the leaves, the whole plant typically grows to 2-3m tall if kept in a pot and up to 20m tall in approx. 8-10 years if potted in the ground, with a width of about 2m.

Bright indirect or direct light. To keep the round rosette shape balanced, turn the pot a quarter turn regularly to stop it leaning towards the light. Prefers low humidity. Suits the often dry office environment.

Low-Medium. Generally, allow the top 2cm of potting mix to dry out in between watering. Water less in the cooler months. Never let it sit in water.