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Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia Siam Hybrid)

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Styled in Vance Planter Set of 2

Euphorbias have over 2,000 varieties and originate from South America, Africa and Asia. The Crown of Thorns type showcase spectacular flowers that grow in clusters. They are considered indestructible because they can grow year-round on a sunny windowsill in a warm, bright location, tolerating long periods of dryness.

Euphorbias are also one of those tried and true houseplants that get passed down from generation to generation. Lately, there has been an effort, particularly in Thailand, to hybridise a dazzling array of colours and large sized blooms compared to the traditional species.

Botanical Name
Euphorbia Siam hybrid

Size (Can grow to)
Maximum Size: H15cm" x W15cm

Bright light, inside on a southern exposure windowsill or outside during the summer months. They can adapt to partial sun for short periods of time. Avoid frost. They will shed leaves during the colder months

Low Water Use. Approx. once per week in summer and oncer per fortnight in winter. Drought tolerant. The plant holds onto water in the centre.  These plants don’t like wet feet. Don’t let the pot sit in a saucer of water.