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Emerald Forest (Sinningia Bullata)

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Remarkable for its white hairy underside, the Emerald Forest (Sinningia Bullata) is a flowering plant that originates from Brazil. This intriguing tuberous species produces textured, quilted green leaves and reddish orange flowers. 

As a resilient, cold-tolerant and easy to grow house plant, the Emerald Forest can adapt to various environments. It thrives under bright indirect light but can rot when it is grown in poor-draining soil and being waterlogged.

Botanical Name


Size (Can grow to)

Medium 40-50cm spread. When grown in ideal condition outdoors, it can grow up to metres in bulbs.


They grow well in a warm sunny position but don't like the scorching sun. Even though the Emerald Forest is drought tolerant they do prefer humid tropical conditions.


Water with moderate amounts of water during the warmer months and only when you notice the soil starting to dry in the colder months.