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Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)

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If you're looking for an easy to grow, unique plant, the Adenium desert rose are perfect specimens for the experienced or novice gardener. A remarkable desert plant forming a think swollen base and branching stems that produce large 5 to 7cm brightly coloured flowers over the growing season.

Botanical Name / Plant Group 
Adenium obesum

Size (Can grow to)
When grown indoors, a desert rose can be 50-60cm tall 

They grow well in a warm sunny position but don't like the scorching sun. Even though the Desert Rose is drought tolerant they do prefer humid tropical conditions.

Water with moderate amounts of water during the warmer months and only when you notice the soil starting to dry in the colder months. If potted outside, be sure to bring it in during Winter, this species is very sensitive to cold.