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Dendrobium Orchid 'Aussie Hero' (Pink Flower)

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Syled in Garance Planter

Dendrobium orchids are one of the most popular species of orchids. Their profuse, beautiful, delicately scented flowers produce a wonderful display for up to several months at a time. They are also one of the easier varieties to care for

Botanical Name 
Dendrobium orchid

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height 20-90cm & Width 20-90cm

Growth Habit
Upright / Cascading. Flowers Early August onwards

They grow well in a warm position with deep shade. Position the plant in dappled light. Use an orchid growing mix.

Keep the plant just moist, watering frequently in spring and summer while it is growing, then keep just moist in winter. Fertilise well (twice a month with a diluted liquid orchid fertiliser spring to summer, then drop it back to once a month in autumn and winter. Or use a slow release orchid fertiliser as per the directions on the package.