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Japanese Holly Fern (Cyrtomium Falcatum)

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Styled in Lincoln Drum Planter (36cm)

Japanese Holly Fern is an elegant fern forming a dark green clump of leafy, glossy fronds. This easy-care house plant is ideal to style table tops or bench spaces. It thrives in full to part shade position when growing indoor or outdoors.  

This lush and leafy shade-loving fern is suited to rockeries and underplanting, or indoors in pots. Its distinctive glossy leaves give it the common names of holly fern and fishtail fern.

Plant Group
Cyrtomium Falcatum

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height: 0.5 - 1 m Max Spread: 0.5 - 1 m

Growth Habit

Semi-shaded place outdoor or a well-lit position indoors to avoid direct sunlight.

Medium - Keep soil moist and liquid fertiliser in spring and summer but do not let the plant stand in water or let the soil dry out.