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Ctenanthe ‘Grey Star’ (Ctenanthe Setosa)

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Ctenanthe 'Grey Star' has eye-catching, feather-like green and purple foliage. It's compact, narrow growing habit makes it an excellent item for plant styling. Its attractive leaves pairs very well with other tropical large-leaved house plants, such as, Giant Bird of Paradise, Calathea varieties and Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Botanical Name

Ctenanthe Setosa

Pet Friendly

A Ctenanthe plant is slightly poisonous, although it is often listed as non-toxic. It may cause individual allergic reactions. The ASPCA states that it is not poisonous to dogs and cats.

Size (Can grow to)

Max Height 1.5m. Max Spread 1m. The Extra Large pots we sell are fully established at full size*


Well-lit position indoors away from direct sunlight. Stunning outdoor shade plant - protected areas. 


Medium. Requires good draining soil. Foliage enjoys a mist to help create humidity and hydration. Leaves can brown and die off due to dry, hot air or draft. Prune when appropriate and new shoots will grow from the base of the plant.