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Croton Mammy (Colourful Codiaeum Mammy)

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Croton Mammy is a stunning, evergreen shrub with large, leathery, multi-coloured leaves. Foliage has a curled edge and elongated shape compared to the broad, flat-leafed Croton Petra. Ideal for tropical gardens or indoors in a warm, well lit position. It will grow best in a warm environment, free from drafts, where it can get plenty of sunshine. It also appreciates moist soil and humid air as dry air and leaves can cause the leaves to drop off.

In warmer climates crotons are perfect for shrubberies, or for containers on patios and verandahs. A spectacular house or office plant for cooler climates.

Botanical Name
Croton Mammy

Size (Can grow to)
Max Height 1m. Max Spread 1m

Well-lit position Indoors. It can tolerate some direct sunlight. Avoid direct summer sun. Stunning outdoor shade plant - protected areas

Medium. Requires good draining soil. Foliage droops when require watering.