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Cardboard Palm (Zamia furfuracea)

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Styled in Petrichor Planter

Low maintenance architectural plant, low and wide in shade with arching herringbone stems. Not a palm at all, but from the ancient cycad family, this is a wonderful character filled house plant. Low maintenance, fun and architectural. So slow growing and long lived it can be passed down the generations like a family heirloom. 

Botanical Name
Zamia furfuracea 

Size (Can grow to)
Including the leaves, the whole plant typically grows to 1.3m tall with a width of about 2m.

Bright indirect or direct light. To keep the round rosette shape balanced, turn the pot a quarter turn regularly to stop it leaning towards the light. Normal indoor temperatures suit the Zamia. Prefers low humidity. Suits the often dry office environment.

The Zamia holds water in its trunk, so can take a bit of neglect when you go on holidays. Generally, allow the top 2cm of potting mix to dry out in between watering. Water less in the cooler months. Never let it sit in water.