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Calathea Medallion

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Calathea Medallion is arguably one of the most beautiful low-light plants. They are pretty popular for their large, "medallion"- like leaves: a brilliant green pattern on top, and a deep burgundy underneath. A spectacular favourite sure to add some colour to your space. 

Calatheas can survive lower light environments, making them ideas as indoor plants. Avoid roots to be sitting in water and provide frequent watering in soil. 

Pet Friendly

Yes. non-toxic for pets

Botanical Name

Calathea Medallion

Size (Can grow to)

Some Calathea plants usually will only grow to about 2 feet in height, but its ultimate height can reach up to 40 to 60cm.

Growth Habit

Upright, Shrub


Calathea Medallion needs medium to bright indirect light. Avoid placing your calathea plant under direct sunlight because it will burn the leaves.


Keep your Calathea Medallion moist by maintaining a regular watering schedule, but do not let the soil get soak in water for too long or every time you water it.