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Button Fern (Pellaea rotundifolia)

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Styled in Birch Pot Medium

The Button Fern – Pellaea Rotundifolia is native to New Zealand with distinctive foliage that offers an excellent variety to typical ferns.  Showcasing small, round, green fronds with red midribs are tightly clustered on the stolons and have a very soft, delicate appearance. 

The Button Fern is a popular garden plant and indoor plant, tolerating low temperatures but not freezing

Plant Group
Pellaea rotundifolia

Size (Can grow to)
Slow-growing and should not reach more than 30cm in height and width

Growth Habit

Semi-shaded place outdoor or a well-lit position indoors to avoid direct sunlight.

Medium - Keep soil moist and liquid fertiliser in spring and summer but do not let the plant stand in water or let the soil dry out.