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Brain Cactus (Mammillaria Elongata 'Cristata')

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The Brain Cactus, also known as the Mammillaria Elongata ‘Cristata’ cactus, is native to central Mexico. It’s a rare form of the Mammillaria Elongata cactus and has a unique, crested shape. Its growth pattern kind of looks like worms or brains, which is how it got the nickname Brain Cactus.

Pet Friendly 

Yes, while most cacti plants aren't poisonous to your pet, the chemical composition of the cacti sap can cause gastrointestinal ailments to your little friends. Plant has spines; use extreme caution when handling.

Botanical Name 

Mammillaria Elongata 'Cristata

Size (Can grow to)

Very slow growing cactus. Will reach 10 to 15cm across in 5 to 10 years.


Full sun or partially shaded. Best under protected partially shaded positions outdoors. Indoors only in sunny positions otherwise they will lose their nice shape in growth. Can be kept in small pots for many years. Will tolerate light frosts


Low. Requires good draining succulent soil. Water when almost dry in summer and seldom in winter