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Boston Fern Deluxe (Nephrolepis)

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As an all-time favourite house plant, the Boston Fern is a timeless and elegant perennial that originates from the topics. It has also other common names, such as, fishbone ferns and sword fern. The deluxe Boston Ferns are BIG. They are very advanced ferns that will make a beautiful statement piece. Popular styling options for these ferns are uses of hanging baskets or tabletop planters with oversized, trailing fronds to create a sense of flow. 

Botanical Name

Boston Fern Nephrolepis

Size (Can grow to)

Extra Large. Nephrolepis produces long upright fronds that can grow up to 2.5m, each with numerous tiny leaflets up to 8cm. When these fronds are mature and long enough, they will start drooping

Growth Habit



Bright indirect light when grown indoors (outdoors, it prefers denser shade). What makes the Boston Fern such a popular indoor plants is its flexibility to adapt to various light conditions and its resilience. 


Medium. Keep the root ball moist at all times. If your Boston fern is sitting in a somewhat dry area (instead of humid), mist with water frequently to keep moist.